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Print-On-Demand Geographics has print on demand capabilities from 1 to 6 colors on virtually all substrates, using presses that offer Best-in-Class color accuracy and consistency. Our POD capabilities will rival most high-end offset materials in quality. POD is totally integrated into our fulfillment systems so that when an item is ordered it is invisible to the customer as to whether it is a POD item or a stocked item. Customized Printing Solutions Customized Ink-Jetting, Labeling and Lasering E-Commerce Systems We operate e-commerce sites for a growing number of clients and design customized systems that emphasize ease of use in placing orders. We handle online credit card and billing for the sites; online ordering, tracking and reporting; inventory control and reorder points; and real-time inventory management. We operate e-commerce sites publicly, on the Internet and privately, on corporate Intranets, including providing fulfillment services for those sites.