Custom Pick & Pack and Assembly Line Packaging

We know the kind of speed and accuracy our customers require and we have developed systems to continually improve our performance. Naturally, we offer pick and pack and assembly line packaging services but what makes us special is our ability to respond immediately to the changing needs of our customers. Geographics has over 500,000 square feet of modern, highly secured, networked warehouse space. Bring your biggest needs and challenges, we’ll fulfill them.

Sophisticated Shipping Systems

Postal expertise – Utilization of postal software to maximize "workshare" discounts on USPS mailings.

For LTL shipments, we utilize the Kewill – Clippership Shipping System, the most recognized and widely deployed multi-carrier shipping solution available, to ensure we get the lowest freight costs for each shipment.

Same Day Inventory Shipment

We understand the time sensitivity of fulfillment so our performance standard is simple.

Warehouse Facilities

Facilities offer approximately 500,000 square foot of networked warehouse space. All facilities are equipped with security gates, security cameras and recorders and carded access

Value Added Services to Manage Direct Marketing and Customer Relationship (CRM) Programs
  • Program Design, utilizing the Internet
  • Program Design, utilizing newspaper and magazine inserts
  • Consultation on Marketing Programs to insure the product reaches to its intended target
  • Program Reporting
  • Business Solutions that streamline systems
Database and List Management
  • Repair and Rebuilds of current database
  • Combining of multiple databases
  • Cleansing and database maintenance
  • List Assembly based on set criteria
  • List Purchasing and Cross Referencing
  • List Tracking and List Performance Analysis

On-Line Order Systems

We create custom online ordering systems accessible through the Internet or a customer's Intranet. Our Web-based solutions reduce mistakes, gives options to customers that are easily integrated into existing systems, offer immediate answers and provide up-to-the-minute accountability.

One of the most widely appreciated features of our system, however, is our on-line order tracking, which means that with the order number, anyone can track specific orders and get real-time status for the order.

Customized Inventory and Activity Reports

In addition to order status and order tracking, our sites allow real-time inventory reports and administration, accessible only to your administrators. The key advantage to our customer is that they never have to wait for the information that they need to make marketing decisions.


Geographics has print on demand capabilities from 1 to 6 colors on virtually all substrates, using presses that offer Best-in-Class color accuracy and consistency. Our POD capabilities will rival most high-end offset materials in quality. POD is totally integrated into our fulfillment systems so that when an item is ordered it is invisible to the customer as to whether it is a POD item or a stocked item.

Customized Printing Solutions

Customized Ink-Jetting, Labeling and Lasering

E-Commerce Systems

We operate e-commerce sites for a growing number of clients and design customized systems that emphasize ease of use in placing orders.

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